29 September 2012

slow-motion saturday...

the other night i took the kiddos over to my mom's place to hang out for a bit, and my son wanted to show me how the camera on mom's phone had a slow-motion feature.  the footage below is what he captured.  

originally i posted the video on facebook, but the wife thought it'd be even funnier with some music.  after some fiddling around with the iMovie app on my phone, and with special thanks to the White Stripes - as you may have read, we're very close to Jack White now - i have a new finished product.



  1. I hope this is going to be a weekly segment. Please. Oh, and Jack sends his love (of your project, I mean.)

  2. this would be a really fun weekly segment - tell us a story in 30 seconds

  3. for you two, anything. it's settled, 'slow-motion saturday' will return...