20 February 2013

a thought from the drive in...

if you wait for the world to ratify your dream then it, and perhaps you along with it, will die unfulfilled.

there is a very good chance that this thought scurried across my brain earlier this morning simply for my benefit.  but just in case you needed a reminder, then here it is. 

because it's your dream for a reason. it's on you to claim it, to believe it, to pursue it, to refuse to let it go even when the people closest to you would prefer it if you'd just be quiet about it all and get on with your life like everybody else. 

because what you see right now is not proof of what you one day will see. you may not be as good as the world will say you are once your dream comes true, once it's safe to believe in you and what you've done, but neither are you as bad as you think you are now, toiling away in obscurity, painting or singing or writing or talking or sewing or mothering or fathering or touring or preaching or golfing or swimming or waiting. the truth is, your dream isn't about being good or bad or known or accepted, it's about simply being

our dreams represent some part of who we were made to be, and what people think of that has nothing to do with anything at all. i suppose a large majority of the humans walking this earth want to be well thought of, but our dreams are meant to take us further, far beyond this. 

you were not made to be well thought of, in the same way you were not made to herd the wind.

if you wait for the world to ratify your dream then it, and perhaps you along with it, will die unfulfilled. 

your dream was ratified the moment it took its first breath within your soul...


  1. much needed encouragement.

    i hope this includes chasing white whales?

  2. If only I could pay for things at the store with my dream card ;)
    This is perfect. Thank you!

  3. Wonderful encouragement. Thanks.

  4. I will keep singing. I've often heard my voice as being described as "pure-ish hit". Not sure what that means, but it has to be good. Thanks for the encouragement.