06 October 2012

hello world...

the captain and tenille. tom and jerry. wilma and fred. woodward and bernstein. hall and oates. kool and the gang.  peaches and cream. starting now, you can add another powerhouse creative pairing to the list...

lori and steven.

together we've launched a new YouTube channel, and you can look for videos from us each week.



  1. I'm going for the hall and oates one. Yeah. It dates me. I don't care.

    Great vid.

    Love y'all. X

  2. i was particularly proud that i remembered peaches and cream, though just now i'm thinking of another early favorite of mine, tears for fears...

    thanks so much for stopping by, for your support, and again, for working design magic on lori's page(s).

  3. LOVE THIS! So excited to see more from you, my friends!

    1. thanks, marie! we're already working on the next installment. stay tuned!!!

      (that's probably more exclamation points than my comments called for, but i sometimes struggle with moderation)

  4. Replies
    1. i know, right? there should be a limit on how adorable people can be.